Bodyclinic Protein and Supplements Authenticity :

Authenticity in its simplest term means originality, that is, being original in terms of production, quality and service.

But with the surge in level of adulteration, authenticity seems to have faded from all the products seen in and around every corner of the globe. Same goes for protein and supplements as it has been seen that almost half of the supplements being sold in India are either parallel imports or are fake.

By parallel imports we mean grey products, that is, they are not forged products, instead have been imported from another country without a valid permission of intellectual property owner. Fake supplements tend to contain banned products too like steroids which may cause permanent damage to the body or any long-term harmful effect.

But the team of Body Clinic strives to provide 100% authentic products to the customers by ensuring high level quality check and control during both sourcing and distribution of supplements. Best part is that a 14 days return policy ensures commendable customer service in case they aren’t satisfied with the purchased product.

1 in 5 products sold by E tailer is Fake - Survey, Times Of India, Pg. 17(Delhi edition), 5th Nov. 2018.

Can Authenticity and Affordability blend well and go hand in hand?

Yes, authenticity and affordability can go hand in hand and that is highly visible with the protein and supplements offered by Body Clinic. We don’t boast about our authenticity like our counterparts, instead believe in proven results.

Coming to the functionality of working, there are two basic Business Model types being followed in the industry:

  • First is the one which freaks you out about fake products and charges huge bucks in name of that, thus extracting huge margins!
  • Second is that of those who sell you products of low quality at comparatively cheaper prices

Both are UNACCEPTABLE, though the products being sold under second business model and people employing it must be termed fake and criminals because for money, they are compromising with your health.

It has been seen that most of the fake products are produced and sold in India and resemble so much to the original ones that it becomes next to impossible to differentiate fake from original. They might contain steroids, or high level of harmful metal which might risk your overall health.

Below is a tabular representation of how Bodyclinic offers authentic products at pocket friendly prices without burning a hole in customers’ pocket, either be bough Online with free delivery or visit to nearby retail store to check for authenticity by Body Clinic about Label claims, Product details and other crucial points about the product.

Comparison Chart For Prices for Example purpose only.

Segment Product Price Validity
Online 1) On Whey Gold Standard 5lbs 5000-5999 Not Sure
Online 2) On Whey Gold Standard 5lbs 6300-7468 Yes
Organized Offline On Whey Gold Standard 5lbs 6159-7000 Yes
Body Clinic (Offline & Online) On Whey Gold Standard 5lbs 6050-6300 Yes
Un Organized On Whey Gold Standard 5lbs 5200-6800 Not Sure

* Body clinic offer  two rates 1) Members 2) Non Members

Comparison Chart for Authenticity & Services

Segment Authenticity with Import Chain Proof Business Values Statutory Compliances Trained Dietician General Hospitality
Online 1) No/Not Sure No Not sure No No
Online 2) Yes Yes Yes No No
Organized Offline Yes Yes Yes Not Sure Yes
Body Clinic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Un Organized No/Not sure No Not sure No No

* Body clinic offer  two rates 1) Members 2) Non Members

When seen in terms of making business, there are two ways to sustain in the market:

  1. Extract high margin from each customer, or
  2. Satisfy with less margin but raise the customer base and bring back each customer who has ever bought your product by remarketing.

And you will be both glad and surprised to know that Body Clinic follows the second model religiously. Though it is a bit slow to start with, a little difficult to build too but once established gives consistent results for a long term! We, the team of Body Clinic are trying our best to meet highest possible retail sale standards by selling our supplements in a very affordable range and thus offering wide range of authentic products sold and checked by highly trained professionals. In order to build a long term association with our customers and to bring back our gold old customers, we have also started a special Customer Loyalty Program under which we are offering a discount of flat Rs. 250 on first purchase by any new customer, while also getting them enrolled for our Free Membership program. Additionally, on each product being bought under this program, one also gets Life Time Additional Discounts, thus making you come back to us for best products at best prices ALWAYS.

Now this is something which must attract you to Body Clinic! Shouldn’t it?

Comparison Chart for Authenticity & Services

  • Only Authentic Products with Complete Chain from Importer/Manufacturer to our Store along with Authorized Retailer Certification.
  • Both Online and through Retail Showrooms.
  • Most Competitive Price Guarantee for Genuine Products.
  • Membership Loyalty Schemes and Other Promotional Schemes.
  • Trained Staff to guide on your Requirements.
  • Free Home Delivery .
  • High Standards of General Courtesy and Hospitality.

Yes, authenticity and affordability can go hand in hand and this has been a motto of Body Clinic since its inception. Customers do end up paying high for several products in search of genuine ones while still being fake, but we at Body Clinic don’t intend to do the same as we value our customers. Our message is to sell and buy genuine products with proper stamp from the importer, Batch number, MRP etc. at highly affordable and genuine prices.

Disclaimer –  The rates and other details have been fetched from respective websites and market surveys. We only intend to educate the consumer about the market realities and do not intend to harm or insult any other Company or their Business models or policies.